About the Project


The project focuses on upgrading UoB staff academic capacity in order to contribute effectively to migration related research with policy impact on the rising challenges that Serbia faces today. The outcome of the project will be the creation of a Migration, Integration and Governance Research Centre (MIGREC) and a Doctoral Program in Migration Studies.

Thematic areas

MIGREC will bring life to a joint, well-structured coordination and support approach designed to ensure an effective infusion of state-of-the-art research knowledge in three areas that emerge as specific challenges:

Migrant integration. Building knowledge on the most important debates around migrant integration in European societies today, so to inform development, implementation and evaluation of integration policies in Serbia.

Migration-development nexus. Building understanding of who benefits most, where, why and how in diaspora-centred development strategies, so to inform the development, implementation and evaluation of policies at the nexus of migration and development in Serbia.

Migration governance. Building knowledge of the norms and organizational structures at global, supranational, regional and national levels which regulate and shape how states respond to migration, so to inform the development of appropriate governance in Serbia.

Work plan

The work plan is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Elaboration on the knowledge infusion and research excellence framework and establishing MIGREC research excellence structures and support mechanisms (WP1 and WP2).

Phase 2: Realization of the Project’s knowledge infusion coordination and support activities (WP3 and WP4).

Phase 3: Project communication, dissemination and evaluation and long-term sustainability strategy (WP5), Project management (WP6) and ethics requirements (WP7).

Work packages

WP1 is dedicated to elaborating the particular research needs and current levels of knowledge of researchers at the FPN, as well as to defining the different realms where the research-excellence infusion will take place.

WP2 is focused on appropriate activities – research, organizational and strategic, for the establishment of the Migration, Integration and Governance Research Centre.

WP3 is devoted to the implementation of the Project’s events and activities for the capacity building in migration related research (e.g. seminars, summer schools, study visits, staff / PhD students exchanges, participation at conferences, mentoring and follow-up activities, etc.).

WP4 is concentrated on training and mentoring on horizontal and transferable skills and implementing the relevant mechanisms (e.g. high-impact publishing tactics, methodology training, funding proposals, responsible research and innovative points of action, train-the-trainers activities, etc.).

WP5 is aimed at transforming MIGREC into a widely-publicized and self-sustainable research centre with international impact that will have the potential to expand both thematically and geographically and significantly contribute to the advancement of the migration policy-making in Europe.

WP6 is dedicated to effective project management activities and WP7 is dedicated to the implementation of ethically sound practice in research and work.

Members of Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Tanja Miščević, Chief Negotiator for EU Accession, Republic of Serbia
Mr. Ivan Gerginov, Assistant Commissioner for Refugees and Migration, Republic of Serbia
Mr. Ivan Vejvoda, Permanent Fellow at Vienna Institute for Human Sciences, Austria
Mr. Dušan Reljić, Head of the Brussels office of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin, Germany and a Research Associate in the research division “EU External Relations”
Prof. Dr. Izabela Grabowska, a Professor at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland
Prof. Dr. Russell King, a Professor at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom