Day: 10 November 2020

Course on Protection of Children Affected by Mixed Migration launched at the FPN

The Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, in cooperation with the UNICEF Serbia and with financial support of the U.S. government, presented a new course – Protection of Children Affected by Mixed Migration.

The course was developed in accordance with global standards and knowledge developed in response to refugee and migrant crisis and is based on experiences of national stakeholders. It is aimed at further enhancement of child protection system in Serbia in order to address vulnerabilities emerging in the context of migration.

Professors Nevenka Žegarac and Natalija Perišić, Assistant Professors Anita Burgund Isakov and Katarina Lončarević and Associate Violeta Marković all participate in drafting and carrying out of the course.

On 3/11/2020, the course was launched at the webinar with following speakers: Prof. Dragan R. Simić, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science, Deyana Kostadinova, UNICEF Representative in Serbia, Ivan Gerginov, Assistant Commissioner in the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, Slađana Čabrić, Assistant Minister for labor, employment, veteran and social issues and Prof. Nevenka Žegarac.

Protection of Children Affected by Mixed Migration is a multidisciplinary course aimed at enhancing capacities of students and professionals working with children affected by migration. It will be piloted during the winter semester of the academic year 2020/ 2021, with the vision to become accredited and remain a permanent course in the academic offer of the Faculty of Political Science, for students of social work, political science, communication studies, gender and cultural studies in the coming years.

The contents of the course encompasses eight topics: rights-based approach in work with migrant children and child protection framework; main principles in protection of children affected by mixed migration; identification of children affected by mixed migration and organization of initial response; gender and vulnerability; gender-based violence and migration; guidelines for case management in protection of migrant children; unaccompanied children and separated children; alternative care and sustainable solutions.

The announcement of the course at the TV RTS 1 morning programme can be seen here:

MIGREC’s First Summer School

The MIGREC is announcing its First Summer School to be held in June 2021 and led by the Migration Research Group from the University of Sheffield. The focus of the Summer School will be on advanced research methods. More information will follow.